Exam Fees

EXAMS 2018 – If your child has never participated in an exam before, please fill out the information in the sidebar to the right. Fees due January 27th.

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This year’s ABSA exams will be held on a weekday or Saturday during March 2018; however, the Academy schedules the final exam dates and times, and we will send out a notice once we have been scheduled.  Pre-Ballet 3 (RAD Pre-Primary) and PB4 (RAD Primary) exams last about one hour, while Classical Ballet and Vocational exams require a longer time.

More information regarding exam rehearsals and the exam schedule will follow in the spring.  In the meantime, please contact me with any questions at academyballet.rad@gmail.com or 410-849-2942.

Exam Fees by Class Level, plus Folder fee:
Clicking on your child’s grade level will bring you to the Square payment page with the appropriate amount ready to “add to cart”.

                                                  Exam Fee     Folder Fee*               Total Fee

Pre-Ballet 3 (RAD Pre-Primary)   $76.00      + $20.00                      $96.00
Pre-Ballet 4 (RAD Primary)          $86.00      + $20.00                      $106.00
Classical Ballet Grade 1               $96.00      + $20.00                     $116.00
Classical Ballet Grade 2              $101.00      + $20.00                    $121.00
Classical Ballet Grade 3              $106.00     + $20.00                     $126.00
Classical Ballet Grade 5              $131.00     + $20.00                     $151.00
Classical Ballet Grade 6              $141.00     + $20.00                     $161.00
Advanced 1                                 $220.00      + $20.00                    $240.00

We cannot guarantee that the exams will not be held during any specific school’s Spring Break, but we will do our best to avoid as many as possible.